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Innovative new project taps energy from feedstock waste

 Brendle Group is performing technical and economic due diligence for a dry anaerobic digestion system for Mass Natural Fertilizer (MNF), an established composting operation in north-central Massachusetts. Anaerobic digestion is the biological decomposition of organic feedstocks in an oxygen-free environment. A combination of enzymes and bacteria convert the feedstocks into biogas, which is typically 65% methane, and stabilized pulp that is ideally suited for composting into commercial soil amendment. While anaerobic digestion has been used in the U.S. for many years in wastewater treatment plants and on dairies, MNF asked Brendle Group to investigate dry digestion technologies gaining favor in Europe. MNF will digest materials that would normally go to a landfill, such as byproducts from grocery stores, food processors, and waste haulers. Biogas will then be combusted in an engine generator to produce renewable, carbon-neutral electricity. It’s a project that creates wins all around

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City Offers Matching Grant to Businesses for Energy & Water Conservaiton

The City of Longmont is offering $60,000 in matching grants to local businesses to help pay the cost of energy and water efficiency improvements in commercial buildings and equipment.

The Commercial Efficiency Matching Grant Program offers financial assistance in addition to existing energy and water efficiency incentive programs available to Longmont businesses. Grant funds will be awarded to match the business or property owner’s investment after other incentives are deducted.

Matching grants are limited to the lesser of $5,000 per project or combined incentives and matching funds not to exceed 70% of total project costs.

Eligible efficiency improvements are those already approved for incentives or rebates under existing programs offered by Longmont Power & Communications, Platte River Power Authority, Public Works and Natural Resources, and Xcel Energy. Eligible measures include lighting, cooling, heating, compressors, refrigeration, motors, insulation, windows, roofing, toilets, urinals, spray valves and others.

Grant applications are being accepted through July October 31. For more program information and application materials, visit, or call 303-651-8386.

via Longmont Downtown Development Authority LDDA  528 Main Street Longmont.

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National Clean Energy Summit: Quotes from August 10

“Energy is a $6 trillion industry; the “mother of all markets.”
     ~ Sen. Maria Cantwell D-WA

“We’re asking questions that liberals like, but giving answers that conservatives like”
     ~ Green jobs Czar Van Jones Tweeted by Greenbizstartup RT @UKinLosAngeles

“In order to address the climate crisis, we’re going to have to address the democracy crisis in this country”.
     ~ Al Gore via ThePhoenixSun

“The one way to guarantee greater energy bills is to do nothing.”
     ~ Al GoreVia MarkHOV RT @Populista

“The least sexy topic is where most of the savings can be found: efficiency”
     ~ Bill Clinton tweeted by @nathanschock

“China understands no more biz as usual. They plan on being the leader. But we can be, unless we miss the opportunity”.
     ~ Secretary Steven Chu as tweeted by ThePhoenixSun

“You’ve got to get the banks involved in this if you want to stop piddling around.”
     ~ Bill Clinton via @ThePhoenixSun

“We have an obligation to steer by the stars and not by the lights of each passing ship.”
     ~ Al Gore quoting Omar Bradley in closing discussion at Conference as tweeted by @ThePhoenixSun

From Conference Bites

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