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Reusing Water Bottles

Why not give your plastic water bottles a second life as ice packs? They’re perfect for coolers. They freeze easily and are pretty much indestructible. They line up or stack well like little plastic soldiers in the freezer. The labels come off on their own so just refill the bottles and toss them in the freezer. Remember to leave a little room at the top when you fill them, because water expands as it freezes. The next day they’re ready for the cooler or keeping a lunch sack chilled.

Water bottles seem convenient in Maui’s hot climate, but consider their life cycle. The oil to manufacture them is harvested in the Middle East, or in sensitive environments such as the Alaskan slopes or waters of the Gulf Coast (and we know the rest of that story). Water from the Mainland or other countries is used to fill them. They are transported on diesel-burning ships across the Pacific, where we buy them and drink the water. If not re-used, they go into the recycle stream, are sorted and compressed into bales to be shipped back to the mainland, where they are reprocessed into goods or shipped to other countries for further reprocessing. Unfortunately, that’s only a partial story as many are dumped in the trash and end up in Maui’s landfills or are thrown carelessly into the landscape or ocean.

Regardless of where they end up, plastic bottles are here to stay (it’s estimated that they take nearly 500 years to breakdown), so they might as well be put to good use. What’s your favorite way to reuse plastic bottles? Share your ideas in comments on our site.

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Kihei Elementary School Garden Starts Its Second Year!

Last year, SMS designed and installed a 10,000 square foot garden at Kihei Elementary School. Maui County provided grant funding, many Maui vendors donated garden tools and materials, and over 60 community volunteers helped install the garden beds. The garden produced beyond everyone’s expectations with 540 students in 27 classes planting, maintaining, and harvesting the produce. The garden has been featured on local, state, and national news including two mentions in Huffington Post [1] [2] .

School is back in session and students and teachers are able to use the garden for a second year. The garden grows and so does our need for volunteers! We are recruiting more volunteers to help in the garden during the school day. Community volunteers assist teachers with managing classes while in the garden, showing students how to prune herbs or look for bugs, or helping them with their assigned tasks. Just a few hours each month is all that we ask, and you need not have garden expertise to help, as we have experienced gardeners there as well. If you are interested in becoming a member of our community volunteer “Garden Corps,” please contact Kathy at (808) 344-0469.

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Tour de Kihei Bike Ride

Saturday, August 28
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Kamaole Beach Park III

Join us on the Tour de Kihei Bike Ride. Come out and support greener and safer transportation on a ride for bike awareness and bike safety for South Maui and also have a chance to meet candidates running for office.

On the morning of August 28th, we’ll be starting from Kamaole Beach Park III and ride down Kihei Road to Lipoa St. We’ll stop for a water break at St. Theresa’s Church and return by riding south on the Kalama Park Pedestrian Trail. We finish back at Kam III where we’ll have water, light snacks and a chance for people to find out more about bike riding and safety issues in South Maui. The ride itself should take less than an hour. For safety reasons, we’ll be riding in groups of about 10 people.

We have invited our elected officials and candidates for office to join us for the bike ride so they will be more informed about the bicycling needs of the South Maui Community. At the end of the ride, we have suggested that they make themselves available to meet and talk story.

Please RSVP and let us know, so we can plan for snacks. Signup for The Tour de Kihei here (or visit or contact us directly at  874-5955.

Special thanks to: Kihei Community Association, South Maui Bicycles, South Maui Bicycle Coalition, South Maui Sustainability and the local bike riding community for their support.

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Support New Local Farmer’s Market in Kihei

Saturdays starting July 31, 2010
8:00 AM to noon (but come early!)
The South Maui Center on Lipoa

Did you miss the opening of the Lipoa Farmer’s Market last weekend? It sold out early at the Grand Opening and we are anticipating more participation by local farmers each week. There is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available, all grown on Maui and all clearly marked with name, grower, organic/traditional etc. The farmer’s will only keep coming – and more will join them – if the market is successful. That usually means selling out early so they can leave and get on with their day.

The Lipoa Street Farmers Market is located in the parking lot of the new South Maui Center at 95 Lipoa. Easy access and lots of parking is available. Bring your own shopping bags as our goal is to be a “Plastic bag free market”.

South Maui Sustainability has an information table so drop by and talk story about ways we can promote, encourage and support local food production. The market opens at 8 AM and closes at noon or when sold out. Hope to see you there just a few minutes after eight, after we’ve gotten our shopping done 😉

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