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How Long Does It Take for Energy Improvments to Pay for Themselves?

A Smart Planet infographic shows the annual savings, 20-year savings, payback time and added cost for green home improvements.

See larger image – click again to enlarge.

Read full Smart Planet article..

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Value of Hawai’ian Reefs estimated at $33.57 billion

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is completing a study that sets the value of the Hawai’ian coral reefs at $33.57 billion. This assesment, the first of its kind, will be useful in setting policy to protect the reefs.

Read full Maui News article.

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New Energy Projects Coming to Maui

The Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture is giving $4.3 million to five companies, who will match the grants for new energy projects, many on Maui.

The projects include a battery storage for solar generated electricity, a wind turbine system to provide energy for agriculture pumping systems, technology allowing electic utilities to better monitor the grid, biodiesel plant development and a Gas company project.

Read full Maui News article..

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UH Researcher Predicts Tsunami Debris Coming Sooner To Hawaii

 Since receiving a report from a Russian ship, researchers have shortened their two year estimate for the debris from the March 11th tsunami in Japan to hit Hawaii’s west-facing beaches.

They estimate 5 to 20 million tons of debris coming from Japan

See full KITV Honolulu report..

Read Earth Island Journal update on radiation issues resulting from the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami caused nuclear accident.

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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Speech to Congress on Climate Change

Transcript available from Climate Progress.

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The Tragedy of Suburbia – James Kunstler 2007 TED Lecture

A prescient, compelling and sometimes wry look at the American built environment.

Read 2011 interview with James Kunstler.

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Bioneers 3.0

Visionary Bioneers founder Kenny Ausubel paints a very lucid picture of the humanity-wide risks we face, what will be required to solve the problems and the history of the Bioneers contribution to the solutions.

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Why climate models underestimated Arctic sea ice retreat: No Arctic sea ice in summer by end of century?

 In recent decades, Arctic sea ice has suffered a dramatic decline that exceeds climate model predictions. The unexpected rate of ice shrinkage has now been explained by researchers at CNRS, Université Joseph Fourier and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They argue that climate models underestimate the rate of ice thinning, which is actually about four times faster than calculations.

Read full Science Daily article.

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Small Hydro Has Strong Bipartisan Support. So Why Can’t We Get Our Act Together?

 Most people don’t realize that we have a lot of hydropower potential left in this country — particularly small hydro. Unfortunately development of small hydro has been hampered by the expense and time it takes to go through the many state and federal regulatory agencies, but there are proposals in congress to remedy this problem.

Read full ThinkProgress article..

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Aviation Biofuels Offers Breakout for Clean Energy

 Solena Group, which is developing projects in Australia and the UK, in cooperation with British Airways and Qantas, just announced a new project with SAS, for Sweden. They could build a project in every major airport hub in the world, using municipal solid waste and other urban and agricultural residues to make aviation biofuel.

That’s not taking into account the substantial opportunities with algae grown in agricultural dead zones like Australia’s northwest-shelf, or the renewable jet fuel that cab be made today by Dynamic Fuels from animal rendering by-products.

In short, there’s more than enough waste to bring aviation biofuels to scale without troubling an acre of existing crop land.

Read full Renewable Energy News Article.

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