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GMO Grass for New Biofuel

University of California Berkely biologist George S. Chuck has transferred a gene from a variety of corn into a fast growing species of switchgrass that increases the amount of ethenol-producing starch in  grass up to 225 percent and prevents the grass from flowering and spreading its pollen. Because the grass doesn’t pollenate, it has almost no hard to process lignin, and needs no heavy chemical treatment when producing ethanol.

Read full San Francisco Chronicle article..

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Aviation Biofuels Offers Breakout for Clean Energy

 Solena Group, which is developing projects in Australia and the UK, in cooperation with British Airways and Qantas, just announced a new project with SAS, for Sweden. They could build a project in every major airport hub in the world, using municipal solid waste and other urban and agricultural residues to make aviation biofuel.

That’s not taking into account the substantial opportunities with algae grown in agricultural dead zones like Australia’s northwest-shelf, or the renewable jet fuel that cab be made today by Dynamic Fuels from animal rendering by-products.

In short, there’s more than enough waste to bring aviation biofuels to scale without troubling an acre of existing crop land.

Read full Renewable Energy News Article.

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A Way to Make Motor Fuel Out of Wood? Add Water

 Using water super heated to the “supercritical phase” to convert the sugars in wood into fuel.

Read the New York Times article.

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Cow rumen enzymes for better biofuels

 When it comes to breaking down plant matter and converting it to energy, the cow has it all figured out. Its digestive system allows it to eat more than 150 pounds of plant matter every day. Now researchers report that they have found dozens of previously unknown microbial enzymes in the bovine rumen — the cow’s primary grass-digestion chamber — that contribute to the breakdown of switchgrass, a renewable biofuel energy source.

Read Science Daily article..

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Converting Plastic Back To Oil !

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Algae turned into high-temperature hydrogen source

 A team of researchers from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory showed that photosynthesis may function as a clean, sustainable source of hydrogen.

The team, led by Barry Bruce, a professor of biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology at UT Knoxville, found that the inner machinery of photosynthesis can be isolated from certain algae and, when coupled with a platinum catalyst, is able to produce a steady supply of hydrogen when exposed to light.

Read the full Science Daily article.

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Car Running on Algae Fuel to Cross Country on Just 25 Gallons of Fuel

Algaeus, the world’s first algae-powered plug-in hybrid car, was unveiled in San Francisco and the prototype traveled with a host of other ‘green’ vehicles to New York for the opening of the film “Fuel” to promote alternative fuel.

[read more]

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