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  Kauai Energy Presentation
  24 Hours of Realty: Al Gore
  Eat Local Challenge
  Public Utilities Commission approves feed-in-tariff program

Kauai Energy Presentation

Join the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) and Maui County for a presentation luncheon on Kauai’s Energy Plan, Holo Holo Vision 2020, at UH Maui College.

The luncheon will take place Thursday, February 16, 2012 from 11:30-1:00PM in the Multi-Purpose Room, Pilina Building, Maui College.

[See details…]

24 Hours of Realty: Al Gore, Hour 24

Presented on September 14 and 15, spanning 24 hours, 24 time zones and multiple languages, 24 Hours of Reality features a new multimedia presentation about climate change created by Vice President Gore and delivered by an army of personally trained slide show presenters from around the world. Beginning in Mexico City and proceeding westward around the globe, 24 Hours of Reality offers a round-the-clock snapshot of the global climate crisis in real time, sharing unique perspectives on the crisis from Tonga to Cape Verde, Mexico City to Kotzebue, Alaska, Jakarta to London. With one event scheduled in each time zone at 7 p.m. local time, the entire 24 hours was streamed live online from start to finish, and culminated in this final ‘Hour 24’ presentation by Vice President Gore in New York at 7 pm.

See other parts of this 24-hour, world-wide presentation..

 Kanu Hawai‘i’s Eat Local Challenge will commit thousands of islanders in the effort to build a more sustainable, secure, and healthy local food system. Building on the successes of the past two years, the Eat Local Challenge is expanding from one week to the entire month of September. The month will feature weekly mini-challenges:

Week 1: Education: Learn about Hawai’i’s local food system
Week 2: Grow your own: Plant/harvest local foods at home and in the community
Week 3: Choose local: Find local food at restaurants and markets
Week 4: Eat strictly local: Strive to eat only locally grown foods for one week

See the details and add new locations to the map.

Reminder to visit the Lipoa Street Farmer’s Market
 Every Saturday 8:00 to noon
The South Maui Center

On a Saturday morning drive? Stop by the Lipoa Street Farmer’s market and pick out your flowers and produce!

The Lipoa Street Farers Market is located in the parking lot of the new South Maui Center at 95 Lipoa. Easy access and lots of parking is available. Last week the PEACHES from COCO Farms were amazing! They also have eggs! Come early for the best selection!

Bring your own shopping bags as our goal is to be a “Plastic bag free market”. Read more…

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