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GMO bills in Hawaii State Legislature

 The following nine bills pertaining to the regulation of production and distribution of Genetically engineered crops have been introduced to Hawaii state legislature.

To see the progress and current status of each bill, click on the bill number.

Genetically Engineered Fish; Labeling
– Prohibits the sale of genetically engineered fish or genetically engineered fish products unless for consumption in the State of Hawaii and appropriately labeled as genetically engineered fish or genetically engineered fish products.

Department of Agriculture; Notification; Genetically Engineered Plants
– Requires the department of agriculture to notify the public of the location of field tests and the intended open field production of genetically engineered plants

Genetically Engineered Crops; Required Labeling
– Prohibits the sale or distribution of any genetically engineered whole food intended for human consumption in the State that does not have a label conspicuously affixed identifying it as genetically engineered. Defines “genetically engineered food crop”, “modern biotechnology”, and “genetically engineered whole food”.

Food Labeling; Genetically Engineered Material
Description: Beginning 1/1/12, requires foods sold in the State that contain genetically engineered material to be labeled with a disclosure notice.

Genetically-Engineered Food; Labeling
Description: Requires labeling of food products that are genetically-engineered.

Genetically-Engineered Food; Labeling
– Requires labeling of food products that are genetically engineered.

Taro Security
– Prohibits genetically modified taro from being developed, tested, propagated, released, imported, planted, or grown in the State.

Taro Security
– Prohibits genetically modified taro from being developed, tested, propagated, released, imported, planted, or grown in the State.

Enterprise Zones; Repeal of Incentives
– Amends the definition of “eligible business activity” and repeals certain tax incentives received by businesses for the research, development, sale, or production of genetically-engineered products within state enterprise zones.

Enterprise Zones; Seawater Air Conditioning Cooling System
– Allows the sale of cooling from seawater air conditioning district cooling systems (SWAC) to qualify for state enterprise zone benefits.
– Establishes that contractors working on SWAC shall not be exempt from the general excise tax.

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Hydrogen Microbeads may provide $1.50 per gallon synthetic gasoline with no carbon emissions

 Cella Energy has developed a synthetic fuel over a four-year top secret programme at the prestigious Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, UK.

The materials are hydrogen-based, and so when used produce no carbon emissions at the point of use, in a similar way to electric vehicles..

See gismag article..

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Have Corporations Hijacked the Word Sustainable?

 Sustainable is defined as “capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage.” But lately, some are trying to redefine the term to their own advantage.
Read the full AlterNet article.

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Cow rumen enzymes for better biofuels

 When it comes to breaking down plant matter and converting it to energy, the cow has it all figured out. Its digestive system allows it to eat more than 150 pounds of plant matter every day. Now researchers report that they have found dozens of previously unknown microbial enzymes in the bovine rumen — the cow’s primary grass-digestion chamber — that contribute to the breakdown of switchgrass, a renewable biofuel energy source.

Read Science Daily article..

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Household sewage: Not waste, but a vast new energy resource

 In a finding that gives new meaning to the adage, “waste not, want not,” scientists are reporting that household sewage has far more potential as an alternative energy source than previously thought. They say the discovery, which increases the estimated potential energy in wastewater by almost 20 percent, could spur efforts to extract methane, hydrogen and other fuels from this vast and, as yet, untapped resource.

Read full Science Daily article.

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U.S. farmers get approval to plant GMO alfalfa

The United States said on Thursday, January 28, 2011, that farmers could proceed with planting genetically altered alfalfa without any of the restrictions that opponents say are crucial to protect organic and conventional farm fields from contamination.

Read full Reuters article.

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 The United States faces a serious challenge getting clean technology and alternative energy start-ups to set up shop at home as rival nations offer companies the carrot of subsidies and the stick of cut-throat competition.

[Read full Reuters analysis.].

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Maui Council Challenges Reef Fish Exporters

 Maui County Council again challenged the largest wildlife exporter in Hawaii Friday, with a new law requiring humane treatment of reef fish captured for the aquarium trade. Finning, fizzing and starvation of colorful fish prior to shipment are now illegal, as the campaign to ban aquarium collecting from its most lucrative source, Hawaii, gains momentum.

The new humane treatment law responds to unlimited trafficking in wildlife for the pet trade that has gone unchecked for many years in Hawaii. The reported catch revenue of about $2 million is believed to be far less than actual revenue on unreported/poached catch. Actual aquarium revenue may be $20 million, but that figure pales beside the $800 million annual in reef-based tourism. Hawaii reefs and reef fish populations are in decline. The aquarium trade denies culpability and demands more, with no limit on the catch, no limit on the number of catchers and no constraints on endemic or vanishing species.

Read full Huffington Post article.

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Hertz Rents Out First Chevy Volt in NYC

 Hertz has 400 EVs (Electronic Vehicles) in it’s New York City fleet. [Read the full article]

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Study Reveals Renewable Energy Could Support All of Civilization by 2030

 Authored by Mark Delucchi and Mark Jacobsona, an eye-opening report recently appeared in the journal Energy Policy, detailing how renewable technologies that are available now can completely power our electric grid system in a relatively short 20 years time frame.

[Read full inhabitat article]

[Read Science Daily article.}

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